Our Mission

The mission of Bridges Virtual Academy is to provide a personalized, virtual education program that develops students into skilled, independent learners.

Our Vision

Bridges Virtual Academy develops students into skilled, independent learners by...

  • Utilizing innovative instructional processes

  • Maximizing learning opportunities available to each student 

  • Fostering supportive and collaborative relationships with parents for student success 

  • Creating community connections within the school and locally

  • Supporting a variety of academic enrichment activities

  • Effectively using technology

  • Customizing resources to fit the unique needs of the student

Wisconsin's TOP K-12 Virtual Charter School for 3 Straight Years!
Our Values/Collective Commitments

We create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student.  During this process, teachers work with students and parents to develop the educational plan, with consideration of the individual student’s academic level, learning style and needs.

Personalization: By providing multiple learning pathways for students and a structure that allows for differentiation and increased depth of knowledge in all curricular areas, students are able to explore and participate in unique learning opportunities. 

Student Excellence: Personalization of learning  allows students to achieve and demonstrate deeper learning, increased academic achievement and continued development as independent learners.

Professional Commitment: Committed to a culture of continuous improvement and professional development of our staff, we work to provide innovative academic instruction, to create relationships, to ensure access to technological tools and to support individualized academic enrichment. 

A Culture of Partnership: Creating connections for students with teachers, parents and the community to engage a foundation of support in the educational process.   We value and support students in the building of relationships that expand individuals.  The commitment of the community in the educational process directly increases the success of the student.


Bridges Virtual Academy was founded in 2012 through a partnership with Merrill Area Public Schools.  The original concept began with a school program developed by a small group of Merrill and Northwoods parents that led to the development of a program we named Bridges to Learn in 2010. The goal of Bridges to Learn and Bridges Virtual Academy has been and continues to be to provide an educational option for students whose parents seek personalized instruction delivered in a virtual setting with all of the flexibility that setting offers.


It is through the partnership between the school, the student, and the parent that we have been able to offer a quality educational delivery model with the ideal balance of teacher involvement and parent engagement. BVA teachers and students work in partnership to create a truly personalized experience. Personalized learning begins with a relationship between the teacher and the student. Many schools talk about personalized learning. BVA students experience it.


If you are looking for an educational option that offers the flexibility of a virtual setting, the personalization of an individualized plan for your students, and access to high quality instruction and educational resources that you can access from your home, you may want to give us a look! 


We invite you to contact us for more information!

John Hagemeister

Executive Director

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