Governance Board


The role of the Bridges Virtual Academy Governance Board is to act as the governing body and overseer of our school, specifically focused on the following:


  • Ensuring that the quality of educational delivery is at the highest level

  • Ensuring that the quality of customer service to students and parents is at the highest level 

  • Ensuring that Bridges Virtual Academy operates according to the terms of the contract with the Merrill Area Public Schools and with Wisconsin statutes

  • Advocating for this form of educational delivery in the state of Wisconsin


Bridges Virtual Academy Policies: For a list and description of all BVA policies, please reference the Parent & Student Policies & Procedures Handbook.


If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to the school, or you have issues that you feel are not being resolved appropriately by your liaison teacher or by school administration, or you have ideas for school improvement, please contact one of your board members:

Mike Erath | President
Melody Clauser | Vice President
Mandie Roehl | Secretary
Jenny Thompson | Board Member
Kristina Diaz | Board Member
Ceri Beatty | Board Member
Bill Mueller | Board Member

Parent Advisory Council


The role of the Bridges Virtual Academy Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to serve parents of BVA students as a point of contact for issues, concerns, or new ideas you have that may make the school better. Each PAC member is prepared to interact with you to listen to your concerns or ideas, provide answers when they have them, or forward questions when they do not. You can contact the PAC member in your area via email:



Northcentral Wisconsin





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