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Please note that BVA staff members follow the Merrill Area Public Schools district calendar (see our Academic Calendar page for more details). Hours are limited during the summer so response times may be longer than during scheduled school days. Please contact our office if you have any questions:

John Hagemeister

BVA Executive Director

715.539.8360 x22001

Mary Ball

Student Services Manager

715.539.8360 x22000

Sheila Drury

Finance Manager

715.539.8360 x22002

Joy Erath

Health Education​​

Holly Finnell

Special Education

RTI Support

715.539.8360 x22035​

Bill Hauswirth

9-12 Physical Education

715.536.9593 x17030

Melody Jones

Art Education

715.539.8360 x22023

Anna Julson

Digital Librarian & Resource Specialist

Secondary Program Coordinator

715.539.8360 x22012

Mary McMahon-Ramsey

Music Education

715.539.8360 x22018

Naomi Orlovsky

Response to Intervention Coordinator

504 Plan Coordinator


Ryan Plautz

K4-8 Physical Education

Jessica Westphal

Academic & Career Resource Specialist

Milwaukee Area Regional Coordinator

Secondary Advisor


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Jaime Farkas

Elementary Program Coordinator

K4-2 & 3-6 Teams Advisor


Mandy Adams

K4-2 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22029

Amanda Bryan

3-6 Advisor​

715.539.8360 x22020

Jennifer Byzewski

3-6 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22037

Rob Clint

3-6 Advisor


Mindy France

K4-2 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22013

Jillian Gilliard

Southwest WI Regional Coordinator

K4-2 Advisor


Eryn Grefe

3-6 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22038​

Cori Marinan

K4-2 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22032

Rachel Sawyer

3-6 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22015

Holly Shannon

3-6 Advisor

715.539.8360 x22033

Beth Stutelberg

Northwoods Regional Coordinator

K4-2 Advisor​


Alex Zemple

Green Bay/Fox Valley Area Regional Coordinator

K4-2 Advisor


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Breana Akerberg

Secondary Advisor

7-8 Social Studies & ELA

715.539.8360 x22016

Heidi Braden

Secondary Advisor

7-8 Science & ELA

715.539.8360 x22034

Marty Dula

Secondary Advisor

9-12 Social Studies

715.539.8360 x22027

Sharon Flannery

Central/Western WI Regional Coordinator

Secondary Advisor

7-12 Science 


Veronica Giese

Secondary Advisor

9-12 Science​

Emily Gonzales

Secondary Advisor

7-12 English

715.539.8360 x22011

Gina Hanson

Secondary Advisor

6-12 English, Social Studies & Co-op

715.539.8360 x22019

Dave Kunkle

Secondary Advisor

9-12 English

715.539.8360 x22030

Krista Matyska

Secondary Advisor

7-12 Social Studies

715.539.8360 x22017

Shannon Pichler

10-12 English

715.539.8360 x22014

Jennifer Plisch

Middle School Math

715.539.8360 x22024

Jennie Strong

Secondary Math

715.539.8360 x22025

Erica Sturm

Secondary Advisor

9-12 English & Co-op​


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